About WinSet

Following the retirement of its founder, the former Lourdes Systems, Inc. discontinued operations after nearly 25 years in the punch press business. WinSet Technologies was established by a group of long-time Lourdes employees and has been granted license to continue the sales, service and manufacture of the patented High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press.

The electromagnetic design of this press is unique and should not be compared to any other press system. By using ultra high ram velocity, (speed rather than pressure), the High Velocity Press produces the best edge quality possible in virtually any material. It uses no hydraulics, no pneumatics and no mechanics, offering extremely clean operation. In fact, many of these systems are used in “clean room” environments to manufacture computer components and medical / surgical products. The high tool speed promotes greater tool life, allowing more time between sharpening requirements. Additionally, since there is only one moving part, our press systems are practically maintenance free.

WinSet Technologies is committed to providing parts and service for existing Lourdes Press owners and offering new, cost effective press-based solutions for a multitude of manufacturing and stamping press operations. Contact us to discuss your application needs.