Technical Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tooling is needed for the WinSet Press?

The WinSet Press uses most standard piercing, blanking, compound and progressive dies. Contact our factory for more specific information about tooling questions.

How long is the tool life in a WinSet Press?

In one particular test, 720,000 pieces were punched in a conventional hydraulic press, but then the dieset had to be removed because burrs were showing up. The same tool (without resharpening) was moved to a WinSet Press and produced another 500,000 burr-free parts. (see testimonials)

What about power requirements?

The WinSet Press uses 208/240 or 440/480 volts AC (single or three phase). We recommend that you specify the highest voltage available in your facility.

Can WinSet Technologies Corporation supply custom designed systems?

Yes, WinSet Technologies, can supply custom system designs with tool bed sizes up to 48 inches. Please contact us for further details.

How does the WinSet Press work?

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