Punch Press Options & Accessories

High Speed Punch Press, High Velocity Punch Press

Feeds & Straighteners

High Velocity Punch Press Feeders
Metal Stampings Straightener
Hanging Roll Feed


Also available: Air Feeds, Band Feeds

Microprocessor Control

Punch Press ControllerThe powerful 2100XA microprocessor based controller is a complete system control. In addition to supplying precise power to the press, the controller interfaces directly with air or electric feeds, provides adjustable feed delays and extra feeds between strokes.

The control can manage a complete stand-alone process that includes light curtains, material sensors, guard sensors, alarms and counters. If the press is integrated into a larger system the controller easily interfaces with a host control system.

The 2100XA operates on 208/240 or 440/480 volts, single or three phase, 50 or 60 HZ. This system requires minimal operator training and its built-in diagnostic system allows fast resolution of problems which result in maximum up time.

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