Electromagnetic Punch Press Systems

The staff of WinSet Technologies has pioneered the advantages of high tool speed and offers a wide range of HIGH VELOCITY ELECTROMAGNETIC PUNCH PRESSES. The patented Electro-Magnetic Accelerator mounts directly to a precision dieset. The Accelerator, connected to the motion plate, instantaneously accelerates the tooling to the precise speed required to do the work. Springs then return the tool to the initial position automatically. Operating on normal shop voltage, these presses produce clean, burr free parts. They are compact, clean and trouble free.

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High Speed Punch Presses, Lourdes Press, Lourdes Systems
Stock Materials
(less than .050" thickness):
metals, plastics, rubber, paper, films, laminates . and more.
Also available in custom sizes and shapes.

Punch Press Specifications

Model Number
Work Area
LS 01 P
4 x 10
Up to 10
Up to 30
.25 to 1.5
Up to 240
LS 02 P
17.5 x 9.5
13.5 x 13.5
Up to 20
Up to 60
.25 to 1.5
Up to 300
LS 03 P
16.5 x 19.5
Up to 30
Up to 90
.25 to 1.5
Up to 300
* Tonnage in .030" thick material
** Tonnage in .010" thick material


"Improve the Process and reduce the cost".
the mandate for manufacturing in the new millennium

Eliminate secondary operations, reduce maintenance time, extend tool life- just a few of the benefits of the WinSet High Velocity Press Technology. Thousands of installations, from the largest of the Fortune 500 companies, to the smallest local shops, have improved their process using this patented press technology. Take a closer look at the benefits we offer and speak with us about your particular application.

The Technology

High Speed & High Velocity Punch PressesThe patented High Velocity Electromagnetic technology uses speed rather than pressure to get the job done. It combines the performance of a precision die set with ram velocity up to 750 times faster than many conventional presses. The High Velocity Press fires through material so quickly that the material nearly bypasses the plastic deformation and elastic phases and moves almost immediately to the fracture phase. Finished parts have clean, burr-free edges and secondary operations, like deburring, are eliminated. The WinSet Press System has only one moving part. There are no belts, brakes, clutches or flywheels. No hydraulics and no pneumatics - it is virtually maintenance free!

High Velocity technology is responsible for longer tool life in the WinSet Press as well. Conventional ram and punch pressure cause the workpiece to bend, become heated and deformed. The enlarged material binds against the punch resulting in a galling effect on the edges of the punch as it pulls back out of the material, causing tool wear. Because High Velocity minimizes the bending and the subsequent heat that would be generated, almost no material swelling takes place. The result is less galling and less heat transfer to the punches, providing more hits before sharpening is required.



Engineered for your application.

Electromagnetic Punch PressesEvery system is specifically engineered to meet your requirements. Based on a broad knowledge of many unique applications, the WinSet Engineering Team will develop the most cost-effective, precision engineered solution for your application. Tonnage, work area, and speed are all engineered into the press based on customer input. The WinSet Engineering team is commited to your success. From innovative design concepts to strict quality control and testing criteria, WinSet Technologies brings press work into the 21st century with our high velocity technology.

In a compact size with up to 100 tons of power.

High Speed Punch Presses, Lourdes Press, Lourdes Systems

Standard or custom sizes are available, from our standard LS series to our larger custom presses, engineered to your specific requirements. WinSet delivers more power in less space than conventional presses, while providing additional benefits unique to our high velocity electromagnetic technology. They are powered by a line of Microprocessor Press Control Systems which deliver precise, adjustable tonnage for your application. WinSet offers a complete range of control systems, from the simplest press applications to complex, multi-press manufacturing systems.



.Delivering productivity and benefits.

Better Edge Quality
"WinSet High Velocity Press Technology eliminated the burr problem in our stainless steel products which had plagued us for years!"
- Steel Heddle Corporation
Longer Tool Life
"We're setting new records every day. So far we have over 12 million hits on one of our WinSet Presses and haven't had to resharpen yet!"
-Steve Gross, GE Specialty Transformer
Clean Room Compatible
"In addition to great edge quality, there is no hydraulic oil, no grease, no brake or clutch dust! WinSet Presses are inherently clean. They are the ideal presses for the electronic component manufacturing environment."
- Scott Cochran, CoorsTek
Virtually Maintenance Free
"We replaced 4 mechanical presses with 4 WinSet Press Systems a couple of years ago. Our operators and maintenance people love them because they run all day, every day, and keep on going. They require almost no maintenance."
- Bob LaRoche, Kenney Manufacturing Co.

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