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"1.5 million hits between die sharpenings!"

Electromagnetic Punch Press Technology
Bill Lunsford
Auer Precision Co., Inc.

How Good Do You Want That Part?

These flexible plastic separators, used in green ceramic/IC (Integrated Circuit) processing, are stamped. They can have no burrs. There can be no particulates; no contamination of any kind. And, they must have sharp, absolutely clean edges with precise hole location and roundness.

"That used to be a problem, but not any more", said Bill Lunsford, Administrator at Auer Precision Co., Inc. (Mesa, AZ). "We finally found a way to make these parts to satisfy some of the biggest electronics companies in the country."

The WinSet Press is different from any other press that could be used for this job. As Lunsford explains,

"A mechanical or hydraulic press comes down and 'pushes' its way through the material. You can actually watch the 'oomph'."

On the other hand, the WinSet works with High Velocity; it hits with a 'bang' like a bullet and flies through the part. On other presses you start raising burrs in a production run. As long as the WinSet keeps flying through the material it just keeps on going.

"The WinSet system runs fantastically - gives us all the quality and clean parts we need, it's unique, it's inexpensive, requires practically no maintenance, and with no hydraulics and inherent hydraulics problems, is perfect for our clean room."

Greg Froebel, Auer's Inspection Supervisor, conducts in-process inspections on all products including those produced on the WinSet Press. Particulate readings are made constantly, on line. When interviewed, Froebel said,

"the edge quality on the WinSet-produced parts is as good as you will ever find. We constantly check for size, location, roundness, any kind of contamination or defect per our own quality plan. Actually, we've never had a rejection."

About tool life Bill Lunsford had even more to say:

"The WinSet is ideal. We are able to run 1.5 million parts between die sharpenings. The same job on a hydraulic press would be good for 600 or 700 thousand at the most and need sharpening."

Auer is presently experimenting with the WinSet on other thin materials, up to 1/16", and are finding that if it can be done on the WinSet Press, according to Lunsford,

"there is no competition."

George Paszkiewicz, ITW Chronomatic's Operations Manager, wrote the following about the WinSet Press after cutting brass parts for one particular job.

"These cuttings are after the tool has had 6.3 million die strokes without resharpening. The shear edge characteristic indicates essentially no tool wear! We see no need to sharpen the die."

Paszkiewicz also shared the following information on his satisfaction on the number of hits the WinSet Press provided before needing to be sharpened.

"We have used two of your presses to make electrical terminals for attachment to our automotive mirror heaters. We are utilizing your two presses 7 day a week - 24 hours per day. To date we have accumulated 12.2 million hits on the first press and 4.6 million on the second. We have not had to stop running for die sharpening."

The press continued to provide burr-free parts for up to 20 million hits before preventive maintenance was given. Paszkiewicz had this recommendation for our customers,

"Your press technology is particularly attractive to customers such as ourselves, that do not have tool sharpening ability in-house. Needless to say, tool wear has been nonexistent."

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